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Cecilia Lind

Hello there! First some formal facts –

Born in 1974 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Studied art history, and English literature and linguistics in the Hebrew University.

Owner of Studio Lind in Jerusalem. Teacher of both children and the elderly in the wonderful arts of ceramics.

Curator of ceramic exhibitions and head of various ceramic projects, which involve the community.

And now a little bit more about who I am –

I grew up alternately in Denmark and in Israel, where I was exposed to Scandinavian minimal design as well as to Middle Eastern style, to European forests and lakes, as well as to Mediterranean deserts and seas. I draw much of my inspiration from nature, and in my mind has formed a combination of both Danish and Israeli landscapes, inhabited by creatures and plants of both worlds, and a hybrid aesthetics has slowly come to be. I like mythology and fantasy, tales of the mysterious and magical, and all these memories, experiences and stories are in the back of my head when I create my pots.

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Phone - +972-54-5331527

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