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Ruthie Simon

My name is Ruthie Simon. 

I live and create in Jerusalem.

My studio is adjacent to my home, in an old house located in one of the oldest Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem- "Nachlaot".

My work is influenced by and reflects the life of Jerusalem, which is a city of many contrasts: religious and secular, old and new.

Both my Judaica and functional ware are wheel thrown in stoneware and fired in an electric kiln to a temperature of 1250°c' (cone 8).

My ceramic designs are of classic, simple shapes, mostly glazed in a single color and often only partially glazed so as to retain some of the natural color and feel of the clay.

My decorated "lace" ware are all done free-hand.

I don't draw the pattern onto the clay beforehand.

Once the clay is at "leather hard" stage, (dry enough to handle, damp enough to cut), I cut out each flower or pomegranate individually. The scattered pattern coming to me naturally.

All tableware is food-safe and suitable for use in a dishwasher.

Attached is a short film of me showing the technique -


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